Black Diamond - The Perfect Gothic Fashion

Black Diamond – The Perfect Gothic Fashion

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There is no denying that a subculture has gained popularity across the United States and Europe. The subculture originated in Europe in the 80s and quickly gained widespread popularity among teens as well as young adults. That subculture was later stamped as the gothic era, styles that were adopted from the Elizabethans and the Victorians. Along with the gothic subculture came the impressionable styles of gothic fashion. The gothic fashion inherited its style from the past era of Elizabethans and Victorians and is quite predominately incorporated into their daily apparel, hairstyles, facial makeup, and the jewelry accessories that they wear.

Each generation of young people since, the mid 50’s, has risen to be uniquely identified by forming their own subculture. Through this subculture, an identifiable uniform of dress, jewelry, makeup, music, social manner, and attitudes can quickly be depicted as part of that subculture.

One of the most favored jewelry accessories, among young gothic adults, is the black diamond mounted inset with silver or white gold. Black diamonds are also brilliantly displayed in settings of platinum or titanium. Black diamonds give the persona of the mysterious side of gothic fashion while keeping within the luxury of owning a valuable piece of jewelry.



Gothic jewelry is usually worn heavily on the body. The pendant is the preferred jewelry piece for women but, bracelets and rings are quickly moving up the ranks in popularity among these gothic fashion enthusiasts. The heavily set rings still command the top of the lists in gothic jewelry fashion purchases for the men, overall. Making a presence over white gold to accompany the settings, are platinum and titanium. Owning black diamond jewelry carries a two-fold benefit to those that wish to show off their gothic fashion tastes. While showcasing the gothic fashion for events surrounding the popular subculture, a black diamond can also be just as diversely impressive in the more conventional social groups.

The black diamond has become increasingly popular within the gothic fashion circles for its symbolic meaning of romance and mystery. Men, as well as women, have chosen the black diamond to its predecessor of less valuable synthetic materials, more commonly worn in the past among the gothic subculture.

As each patron of the gothic subculture grow older and starts to separate themselves into the more conventional environment of society, the black diamond offers the versatility needed to remain as part of a valuable jewelry portfolio.

In light of things, it only makes logical sense that when purchasing jewelry for the gothic fashion attire, to invest in fine jewelry that will increase in value over time. As a result, you will afford yourself the versatility to separate cultures, without senseless monetary loss, and increase the value of your diamond portfolio. Choosing between the subculture expressions related to gothic fashion and owning diamonds doesn’t have to be a concern. As you grow in your tastes toward fashion, your black diamond will certainly fit right into any culture your social attire will take you.