The Art of Organic Jewelry

The Art of Organic Jewelry

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If gold and silver jewelry is too expensive, then organic jewelry can provide the same decoration for a much cheaper price. Organic jewelry started from the Native Americans by using connecting simple seashells together. Today, organic jewelry has evolved into a major role in the fashion industry. The most popular type of organic jewelry today would be in the form of pearls.

Where do pearls come from? Pearls come from irritation in an oyster’s shell. The irritation is then covered with calcium carbonate which after many years turns into a pearl. Pearls were first used for jewelry by the Native Americans that first settled the land. Thousands of years later, they are now considered a must-have fashion accessory.

Pearls are used in many forms of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Pearl necklaces are very popular, and they come in a variety of forms such as Bib, Choker, Matinee, Opera, Princess, and Rope. Pearl bracelets also work very well as fabulous fashion accessories. The classic single strand of different pearls can be used to match any outfit. You can never go wrong with a pearl ring. A gorgeous pearl ring set with gold or sterling silver will make any woman happy.



If pearls are not your thing, there are many other forms of organic jewelry such as bamboo and hardwood. Bamboo is not considered a type of wood but is instead a type of grass. There are many types of bamboo that are yellow, tan, green, brown, and even purple providing a great fashion accessory. The most common use of bamboo for organic jewelry is earrings. Although they are relatively easy to take care of, the wearer has to re-oil the earring periodically for easy insertion. If you like designs, bamboos can have great designs burnt in them. The best part is that bamboo earrings only cost around fifteen dollars.

A more expensive alternative to bamboo is actual hardwood. Wood plugs are usually handcrafted and each piece is unique. Plugs work best on dry areas of the body like ears and might cause an allergic reaction. Like bamboo, hardwood jewelry has to be re-oiled from time to time. Common oils used are olive oil, peanut oil, and jojoba oil. There are six major types of wood used for jewelry: Chakte Kok, Chechen, Ebony, Granadillo, Katalox, and Maple each of these a different colour.

Chakte Kok is a glowing reddish-yellow and is lightweight. Chechen is brown and gives a natural look. Ebony is black and is the heaviest. Grandillo is dark brown. Katalox is very dark brown and is almost black. Katalox is the rarest type and is hard to obtain. Maple is light brown and is almost yellow.

Wooden plugs, come in different shapes: Saddle shaped, cylinder-shaped, flared, nail-shaped, taper-shaped, and spike-shaped. These are just a few examples of modern organic jewelry. There are many other types of organic jewelry including bones, horns, stone, and amber. While each type of organic jewelry is different, they all serve as a great alternative to expensive silver and gold jewelry.