Types Packaging for Jewelry

Types Packaging for Jewelry

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Organic packaging:

Organic packaging techniques or “green” packaging techniques are an ideal option for handmade and artisan jewelry items. For instance, recycled paper, fabric, hemp, or handmade paper stock display cards, etc.

Budget packaging:

Can use plastic jewelry tags, hangers, plastic packaging slides or cellophane, or faux velvet display for packaging jewelry.

Display packaging:

Packaging for jewelry also depends on how you will display your jewelry. You may need silk, velvet, or gossamer bags or jewelry boxes for re-packaging jewelry.

Gift boxes have been one of the most popular options when packaging jewelry. As they are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, you get more choices. They also come in various shapes and sizes. And anything from the tiniest ring or tops to a heavy necklace can easily fit in. You can even add ribbon, cord, tags, or bows to enhance beauty further.



Wooden gift boxes:

A wooden box has a soft leather interior and a protective cushioned base. The white wooden box in particular is a great stylish option and imports a modern look to packaging. A wooden box can be an ideal pick for special purchases.

Kraft recycled gift boxes:

Natural colored materials constitute these boxes that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It implies that you can use them without having to worry about their impact on the environment. They go well with decorative ribbons and accessories in different colors. Besides, they also look amazing if you pair them up with natural jute and string and bring that subtle festive finish.

Jewelry gift bags:

Gift bags have been a classic way to wrap any present. They are an economical and simple option for packaging jewelry. Jewelry gift bags go well with items that are less likely to entangle. However, if you are packaging a very delicate necklace that can fold ending up in knots, you should avoid this packaging.

Jewelry gift pouches:

A jewelry gift pouch is an alternative to the standard gift bag. It is basically a simple drawstring bag made from organza, velvet, or similar materials. They can give a very element to your packaging and you can pick a fabric that suits you the best.

Leatherette gift boxes:

A leatherette gift box can be an ideal choice for a classic and timeless jewelry gift. A traditional leatherette box features a unique combo of quality finish. One of the variants is a coin box that can hold half or full sovereigns and even crowns. You can pick pendant, cufflink, earring, or ring boxes based on your product.

Soft-touch box:

The soft-touch boxes are elegant and appealing. You can pick a soft-touch box for a necklace, pendant, earring, bracelet, ring, or any other jewelry item. This ultra-slim range includes necklace box, pendant box, earring box, bracelet box, and ring box options, all qualifying for large letter status to keep costs down. There are gift boxes that compliment any jewelry design style and budget. Learn from the Best Packaging Ideas for Handmade Jewelry.